I have been called the beer whisperer.


Always caffeinated and occasionally reckless. 

Elizabeth Weinberg lives and works in Los Angeles, by way of Boston and Brooklyn. With an educational background in photojournalism, she specializes in storytelling and portraiture that mix a loose, effortless style with a measured precision that produces cinematic, timeless work. She has expanded her decade of professional experience in still photography toward a newfound love of directing evocative motion pieces.

Her skills in imaging post-production set her apart. She believes that the finessing of color, saturation, and grain is just as important to a still or moving piece as its content. She loves to be hands-on in applying her signature color style to best convey a story's particular mood.

Elizabeth has been recognized with awards and features from PDN's 30 Photographers to Watch, the Art Directors Club's Young Guns, and Communication Arts. She lives on the east side of LA with her husband and son, and drinks at least two cold brew coffees per day.


3.5 Questions with Eliz

What is your secret talent?
I can find the hidden beer at a party. I have been called the “beer whisperer.”  

Where do you find inspiration?
The west coast and its never-ending weird and beautiful locations.

Tell us about the picture or job where you realized “Damn, I might actually make this happen”: I think the key to being successful is never really thinking that it’s actually happening. There is always more to do!  It is important to never get comfortable.  Shooting Iggy Pop last month was really goddamn cool though!

I ENJOY Iced coffee. Cold brew ONLY.  Every day. Twice.


Through "Of Recklessness and Water" Eliz takes us on a wet and wild journey across America. From Queens, NY to Big Sur, CA.  

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