"beautiful people. epic bike rides. massive amounts of coffee."


To Know Bryan Sheffield is to love Bryan Sheffield.

You’ve seen his images in magazines and as album art from some of your favorite bands, but our love affair with Sheffield began almost two decades ago at punk and hardcore shows scattered throughout New York and New Jersey.  Sheffield cut his teeth shooting live bands at those basement shows and has never looked back.  His photography seamlessly spans lifestyle, editorial and commercial work.

These days we have the pleasure of calling Sheffield one of our nearest and dearest friends in Los Angeles.  Most days you can find him shooting beautiful people, going on epic bike rides, drinking massive amounts of coffee and being a killer dad to his son, Alden.

3.5 Questions with Sheffield

What is your secret talent?
"Well, some of your secret talents are assembling bicycles, watering the garden, and alphabetizing your record collection. I think you should say that your record, CD, and VHS collections are alphabetized at all times, but your books are organized by genre." - My wife 

Where do you find inspiration?
"You should talk about how you like meeting new people and traveling... not the exotic, but just the everyday life. Like when you meet new friends riding bikes or at the coffee shops. Talk about how you're inspired seeing new things, or the same things through different people's eyes. That all keeps you curious and wanting more." - My wife

Tell us about the picture or job where you realized “Damn, I might actually make this happen”:  A selfie I took at my wedding. I was wearing a tie. The woman with me was wearing an off-white dress. There was a cliff and an ocean and some nice end-of-day warm light happening. 

I ENJOY the afternoon on a sixty-five degree day. Everyone outside is in a joyous mood and I get to wear a light jacket or a long sleeved shirt. 


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